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Genesis !

2010-10-24 16:55:12 by Orteil

Hey there ! I just published my first game on Newgrounds; it's called Genesis !
It's basically a rehash of Doodle God, which I love above all else.

Some people are apparently angry that I'm "stealing" Doodle God. I don't feel like I am, as I am crediting them as much as I can. However, I'll explain myself a bit.
My reasons for remaking Doodle God are :
-I wanted to see if the game would benefit from a more physical and immediate interface -no more clicking through menus- and apparently, it does make the pace faster, but it also makes the game feel more cluttered. I'll try to work that out;
-the combinations found in Doodle God are often metaphorical, and skip a lot of steps. Since I'm an evolution geek, it bothers me that you get from Fish to Whale in one step, and that an Egg and Earth make a Dinosaur. You can also make steam engines before you even create humans ! Of course, I understand the taoist beauty behind that, but I wanted to try a more scientific and granular approach. This obviously demands a lot more elements though, which means that while Genesis has almost as many elements as Doodle God, it doesn't even get to monkeys yet whereas Doodle God goes up to cities and airplanes.
-also, I'm bad at getting original ideas.

Please keep in mind that Genesis is not completely complete ! I might still add gameplay elements, as well as more things to play with ! (If the game hints that a combination is possible and it is not, it means I haven't implemented the outcome yet ! Be patient !)